ChangeLab Workshops at the 2013 AAAS Conference

  ChangeLab has two exciting sessions at the Association for Asian American Studies Conference that you won’t want to miss! First, our very own Soya Jung and Scot Nakagawa will present findings from our report with additional discussion in the workshop, “Left or Right of the Color Line? Asian Americans and the Racial Justice Movement” with Michael Omi (author, Racial Formation in the United States) and Daniel W. HoSang (author, Racial Formation in the 21st Century). Join us Thursday, 4/18 from 4:30-6:00 pm and prepare to challenge how we think about Asian Americans and race. We also put together a Read more »

An Invitation to Get Bolder

Soya Jung and Scot Nakagawa Welcome to ChangeLab! It’s been a long road. We started two years ago by talking with colleagues in the racial justice movement whose vision and analysis we’d come to trust. We asked them what was missing from the movement today. What we heard reinforced what we had both come to believe after more than five collective decades of struggle against racism and American chauvinism, both domestically and in the world. That is that, while there is incredibly courageous organizing happening today, the racial justice movement overall needs to get bolder. We need space and time Read more »

Where Will We Stand?

One main reason why we started ChangeLab was to grapple with some of the more difficult questions facing the racial justice movement. The title of our first report, “Left or Right of the Color Line? Asian Americans and the Racial Justice Movement” represents the kind of provocative questions we believe we need to address. Much has been made about the fact that Asian Americans are now the fastest growing U.S. demographic group. But what does this mean, politically? How will Asian Americans operate in the realm of racial politics? In order to explore these questions, we interviewed dozens of leading Read more »