Marriage Equality, Viral Posts, Site Crashes, & Democracy Now

While the Supreme Court considered 2 marriage equality cases this week,  senior ChangeLab partner Scot Nakagawa wrote up his thoughts for RaceFiles in a post that quickly went viral and crashed our site . . . twice.  (The good news about our site crashing: we’re popular!  The bad news about our site crashing: no one can see why we’re popular.  Apologies to anyone who had problems.)

While we scrambled on the back end to put an addition onto our virtual internet house to accommodate all the visitors, the post continued to fly around facebook and twitter, indicating how much people really yearn for a broader discourse around marriage equality and what it means for social justice.

Democracy Now! is one of those news programs that has a history of encouraging and expanding debate, and we here at ChangeLab regularly tune in, so we’re thrilled that Scot is a featured guest on today’s episode.  As always, the whole program is excellent, but if you’re really just interested in Scot, his piece starts around the 34 min mark.  Check it out!