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Still Here… Hard At Work

The other day my dear friend, movement comrade, and Seattle-based communications wiz Joaquin Uy casually pointed out that I hadn’t posted anything on this site about our work this year. “Does ChangeLab still exist? What have you guys been doing?” Egad yes! We still exist! Sorry for the radio silence. We’ve been hard at work attacking the model minority myth and strengthening Asian American antiracist politics. If you’re not following RaceFiles, please do. That’s the most public expression of our work. We use RaceFiles to test our ideas in public, so please share it with your friends, and talk back Read more »

ChangeLab News: The year in review and a look ahead

2014 is officially here! The ChangeLab crew is very excited about this year, but first, a review of 2013 to give you some context. Last year was an inspiring one for us. We found a new home in Oakland (huzzah!) and consolidated operations there. We published a second report on our research findings, presented at conferences and gatherings like the Association of Asian American Studies and Creating Change, and did several media appearances about Asian Americans and racial politics. We built new relationships with amazing people and organizations, and launched RaceFiles with a fresh look and even fresher writers! Undeniably, one of Read more »

Brand New Race Files

Dear Readers, Race Files started as an experiment. During the media blitz that followed the breakthrough performance of former New York Nicks basketball player, Jeremy Lin, I found myself mumbling under my breath about the exclusion of progressive Asian American voices in media and the almost complete absence of useful racial dialogue, particularly concerning Asian Americans. Soon, writing took the place of all that frustrated mumbling and Race Files was born, my small contribution to the discussion of race in the U.S. that I thought would be read by, at most, a few hundred friends and colleagues. That was a Read more »

New ChangeLab Report: The Importance of Asian Americans?

Photo credit: Vyreak Sovann  We know two things for a fact: Asian Americans are the fastest growing racial group in the United States, and we overwhelmingly voted in support of Obama in 2012. But do either of these things signal progress for the racial justice movement? The fact is that the racial justice movement needs a serious upgrade. Diversity and multiculturalism do not equal justice. How do we avoid mistaking growing numbers for real political vision? Our new report, The Importance of Asian Americans? It’s Not What You Think, offers insight into the challenges we face today. It also explains why Asian Americans Read more »

Reporting from the Association of Asian American Studies Conference

  ChangeLab hosted two complimentary sessions at the recent Association of Asian American Studies Conference in Seattle and both were highly successful.  It’s encouraging and inspiring that there are so many people in the academy that care deeply about racial justice and are genuinely interested in what folks in the community are saying. Many of the same questions that were raised in our sessions were echoed throughout the conference.  Many scholars are examining the role of Asian American Studies in identity formation, the tie to the community, and how the Asian American movement is centered, where it came from, and Read more »

Sojourner Truth Radio

Soya Jung, senior ChangeLab partner talked about our new report and our research on Asian Americans and the racial justice movement this morning on Sojourner Truth Radio.  If you missed the show this morning, it’s worth listening to the full show (Soya’s part starts around the 43rd minute), but if you can only spare 15 minutes, you can also listen to the individual segments.  Check it out!          

North Puget Sound Conference on Race

Soya Jung, ChangeLab senior partner, will be the keynote speaker for the 2nd Annual North Puget Sound Conference on Race on April 27.  This year’s theme for the conference is Building Inclusive Communities.   This promises to be a great opportunity to engage community leaders in important discussions about race, and we look forward to seeing you there. The conference is free, but space is limited, so you’ll want to register online ASAP.  Spanish interpretation available.  Check out Facebook for more information.  

For our Portugese-speaking readers

Globo News, sort of like the CNN or MSNBC of Brazil, ran a story on marriage equality featuring interviews with U.S. residents, and they also asked ChangeLab’s Scot Nakagawa to weigh in.  See the full program here.

Past, Present & Future of Multiracial Solidarity

  On May 11, OneAmerica and ChangeLab are co-hosting an exciting discussion about multiracial solidarity in Seattle. This exciting intergenerational dialogue will feature: Soya Jung, senior partner at ChangeLab, and author of the recent report, Left or Right of the Color Line: Asian Americans and the Racial Justice Movement Aaron Dixon, long-time social justice activist, and author of My People Are Rising: Memoir of a Black Panther Party Captain Ron Chew, community organizer and leader, and author of Remembering Silme Domingo and Gene Vieres: The Legacy of Filipino American Labor Activism. Please join us!  Check us out on Facebook for more details and please share the event with Read more »

Marriage Equality, Viral Posts, Site Crashes, & Democracy Now

While the Supreme Court considered 2 marriage equality cases this week,  senior ChangeLab partner Scot Nakagawa wrote up his thoughts for RaceFiles in a post that quickly went viral and crashed our site . . . twice.  (The good news about our site crashing: we’re popular!  The bad news about our site crashing: no one can see why we’re popular.  Apologies to anyone who had problems.) While we scrambled on the back end to put an addition onto our virtual internet house to accommodate all the visitors, the post continued to fly around facebook and twitter, indicating how much people Read more »